Two and a half sides

With a bachelor degree in Media- and Communication Management and a master degree in User Experience Design, my background is indifferent. You’ll find me at the intersection of business, design and technology, planning and creating digital solutions.

How I work

Most projects fail because there is too little communication. Trying to see things from different perspectives, ask questions, project one's thoughts, request feedback and criticize with reasons. Focus on communication in every step is how I like to work.

Data, Data and Data

Digital products are more common than we recognize. They listen to us. They go everywhere we go. They have our fingerprints. Our heart rate. Our money. Our location. Our face. It’s the primary way we communicate our thoughts and feelings to our friends and family. It’s deeply personal and ingrained into every aspect of our lives. Designing experiences with data and more particularly think about privacy and data transparency for users is the topic I focus.


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