stimp product tagging

The Idea

monetize inspiration

Roombeats was a Berlin-based startup, that offered native advertising for publishers and brands within images. The service was called "stimp" referring to the verb "to stamp". The javascript code enhanced images with a small price tag, the user could hover on it and saw further information like productname, price or onlineshops, selling the product. Brands had different advantages with stimp: sell products with ads, that were useful for the user, enhance their images with information about their brand and keep control over their photos. Roombeats was shut down in 2014.


August 2013 - August 2014


Native advertising in images


Job role: Junior Product Manager

How it worked

Is it a match?

Brands are able to deliver emotions, messages and styles with their visual language in ambient and product shots. At the same time, photos are shared, copied and distributed without any control or copyrights. Stimp stored all of the clients photos in a database and matched them against all images that are used by partner publishers on their website. Similar to Google's reverse image search, it is critical that every change of the photo in size, section, color or image mirroring is recognized by the algorithm.

Product tag

Show the products you have

The number of images and photos started to rise with social media: Blogs, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest focus on photos and since every smartphone has a professional camera inside, people share their own photos. Stimp provided a tagging tool for bloggers, in order to tag products with affiliate links or further information in photos they took themselves.

Brands and onlineshops use professional single or ambient shots to sell their products. For these official photos the photomatch algorithms tagged the products automatically, presumed that the photos were already in the stimp database with further product information.


control your brandimages

Brands do understand the value of influencer in social networks or blogs, but it is very hard to control the use and context of the images. Stimp ensured that the interactive brandinformation stay in the images, especially when there is no logo on the photosubject visible. Brands were able to activate simple sharing features and give their permission to use the photo for sharing. All images that were embeded or shared via this feature were controllable for the brand. Distribution and popularity of every image were visible in their brand dashboard.


Use your Images for your ads

Once the photos are shared on blogs and websites, brands were able to display ads on their images. For example, the user can be lead to matching product lines, special discounts or new updated products, if the photo shows previous versions that are not available anymore.

The team

Roombeats GmbH

Stimp was a service of Berlin-based startup Roombeats GmbH. It was shut down in 2014.


Founder: Florian Beba, Markus Berger-de León

Product Management & UX/UI Design: Susann Hamann, Femke Vegel

Development: Amberbit Białystok

The shown interfaces are recreated, the original stimp javascript is not available anymore. All products, corporate logos and links are used for visualizing the concept, I do not own the rights or use it for commercial reasons. Photos are not related to the brands or products.

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